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The Rise of the Crazy Ants
Scientific American, Feb. 2014
Witchcraft Trade, Skin Cancer Pose Serious Threats to Albinos in Tanzania
Scientific American, Oct. 2013
Pentagon’s Giant Blood Serum Bank May Provide PTSD Clues
Scientific American, August 2013
Hair Regrowth Discovery Suggests Skin Cells Communicate Like Bacteria
Scientific American, April 2015
How Social Media is Changing Disaster Response
Scientific American, June 2013
Why Some Medical Students Are Learning Their Cadavers’ Names
Time, May 2012
FDA Promises to Flex Regulatory Muscle to Oversee Compounding Pharmacies, but May Need Help
Scientific American, May 2013
Lake Superior, a Huge Natural Climate Change Gauge, Is Running a Fever
ClimateWire/New York Times, July 2010
TV’s Split Personality
Newsweek, January 2009
Wars, Natural Disasters Provide Tests for Treating Water With Solar
Greenwire/New York Times, March 2010
MySpace Medical
Newsweek, January 2009
Drug Courts Appeal to Democrats and Republicans
Newsweek, Oct. 2009
One Young Woman’s Fight to Educate Afghan Girls
Newsweek, April 2009
When Drugmakers Pay for Medical Training, Just What’s Being Taught?
AARP Bulletin, July 2009


‘There’s No Such Thing as the EPA Here’
Greenwire/New York Times, Nov. 2009
Pentagon Weighs Cleanups as It Plans Iraq Exit
Greenwire/New York Times, Jan. 2010
Energy Efficiency Has Yet to Learn the Drill in the Military
ClimateWire/New York Times, April 2011
Navy Enlists Dolphins, Sea Lions to Patrol Waters Near Base
Greenwire/New York Times, Nov. 2009
DOD Plans Project to Thwart Cyber Attacks, Tap Renewable Energy
ClimateWire/New York Times, Oct. 2010
Army Hopes Trash-To-Diesel Project Can Lower War-Zone Risks, Costs
Greenwire/New York Times, Jan. 2010
Pentagon Making Room for Wildlife at Military Bases
Greenwire/New York Times, Feb. 2010
Army’s Ambitious Energy Goals Run into War Zone Realities
ClimateWire/New York Times, May 2011


Is Ebola Here to Stay?
Scientific American, Dec. 2014
Where Does Ebola Come From?
Scientific American, Dec. 2014
A Day in the Life of an Ebola Worker
Scientific American, Nov. 2014
Ebola Strikes a Blow against Pregnant Women and Maternal Care
Scientific American, Nov. 2014
Let’s Talk about Ebola Survivors and Sex
Scientific American, Oct. 2014
Fact or Fiction?: The Ebola Virus Will Go Airborne
Scientific American, Sept. 2014



How Quickly Could Obamacare be Erased?
Scientific American, November 2016
The Overlooked Influence of Kathleen Sebelius
Scientific American, April 2014
House Goes Republican; Enviros Brace for Climate Changes
ClimateWire/New York Times, Nov. 2010
Obama’s Climate Image Blurs as He Nears Last Half of Presidential Term
ClimateWire/New York Times, Sept. 2010
Follow the Bailout Cash
Newsweek, March 2009
Int’l Negotiators Eye Ozone Treaty as Shortcut to Co2 deal
Greenwire/New York Times, Nov. 2010
For Climate-Related Agencies, Risk of a Shutdown Brings Back Some Dismal Memories ClimateWire/New York Times, Feb. 2011
New Anti-EPA Bill Aims to ‘Rein in’ Agency’s Climate Rules Permanently ClimateWire/New York Times, March 2011



In Colorado, Freedom to Burn — ‘It Ain’t Our Fire’
ClimateWire/New York Times, Oct. 2010
Decisions in the Smoke — Using Technology to Fight Hotter, Drier Fires
ClimateWire/New York Times, Oct. 2010
How Pine Beetles Created an Elaborate and Deadly Mess
ClimateWire/New York Times, Oct. 2010
Extreme Weather Helps Drive Food Prices to New Highs
ClimateWire/Scientific American, Jan. 2011
Earning Billions for U.S. Farmers by Stopping Deforestation
ClimateWire/Scientific American, March 2010
Much-Touted Cellulosic Ethanol Is Late in Making Mandated Appearance
ClimateWire/New York Times, Jan. 2011
DuPont’s ‘Unique’ Seaweed Venture Nets DOE Cash
Greenwire/New York Times, Nov. 2009
Fighters From 43 States Battle Far-Flung Texas Wildfires
ClimateWire/New York Times, April 2011